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How To Make Your Own Magnesium Supplement

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I’m wondering if you have any experience with magnesium, specifically topically versus oral, as with magnesium oil for the former? It seems to be vital for metabolism, and it’s difficult to consume enough through one’s diet.

— Dave Foster IN May 2016

I tried Epsom salt footbaths a couple of times because I never could get a decent quantity, and I don’t have a bath tub. Of course, I didn’t notice much from them. Never tried the oil either. I have settled on the magnesium bicarbonate recipe that you can find on the forum, and I think I benefit from it. I do maybe one bottle in one month (I’m bad, I know).

— Ray Peat Forum member Such_Saturation IN May 2016

I’ll try that with the milk of magnesia and mag bicarb.

— Dave Foster on May 2016

It’s so thirst-quenching, better than Gatorade.

— Ray Peat Forum member Such_Saturation IN May 2016

Click here to see the aforementioned magnesium bicarbonate recipe over on Toxinless, founded by Dan Wich.





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