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David Foster

David Foster-photo credit Hannah Joy 2023

David Foster is a health enthusiast who holds a B.S Business Administration from University of Oregon and currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Health from Eastern Washington University. Ever since he was young, David has been fascinated by finding answers to complex questions, particularly around how people can live healthier and happier lives. At the age of 14, he embarked on a personal health journey that led him to the teachings of Dr. Raymond Peat, PhD.

After the death of his parents in his early 20s, David made it his life’s mission to uncover the root causes of common illnesses and to help as many people as possible achieve wellness. He realized that modern medicine often serves large corporations and big pharma, and he wanted to provide natural and old-world remedies that allow our bodies to heal themselves with minimal to no side effects for most people.

David is a proponent of Dr. Ray Peat’s teachings, which focus largely on the hormonal systems in the body and how correcting imbalances can lead to significant improvements in both mental and physical health. He has continually improved the lives of those around him through education and providing easy-to-access information on natural remedies.

David’s ultimate goal is to make this information accessible to everyone, so that anyone can take control of their health and wellbeing. Through his passion and dedication to helping others, David Foster is making a positive impact on the world.



Hannah Hubbard

Hannah Hubbard-photo credit Hannah Joy 2023

Introducing Hannah Hubbard, our audio/visual editor here at Foster Your Health. Hannah is a multi-talented individual, holding a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Patisserie and Baking, and has been writing music her entire life.

She was raised in Minnesota as the oldest of seven children, Hannah was homeschooled throughout her life. Since childhood, she has been driven to make sure that everyone in her life feels welcomed and valued. She is a passionate advocate for her employees and friends and continually looks for new ways to better herself and her family’s lives.

Hannah has struggled with various health issues throughout her life and often felt like she was at a dead end with no solution. However, since meeting David in 2022, she has gained a great deal of knowledge about health and wellness. She has even lost 60lbs on her journey to better health.

In addition to her work at Foster Your Health, Hannah is also passionate about animal health. She creates recipes that follow the teachings of Dr. Ray Peat for both herself and her pets. Her dedication to creating nutritious meals for her furry companions is a true testament to her love and care for all living beings.

With her unwavering dedication to helping others and her passion for animal health, Hannah is an invaluable member of our team. As our audio/visual editor, she is committed to producing content of the highest quality and ensuring that our message reaches as many people as possible.