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Dave offers his services as a weight loss, health coach, and supplement consultant. He charges $100 per session and meets with clients over Skype or Discord. Each session lasts two hours but may go longer depending on the information needed. The goal is that you get the help that you need. Resources will be provided, and e-mail or message follow-ups will also be provided.

To get in touch with Dave, send him an e-mail at

Here are some things to help him with finding out if he can help you or not:

  • Send any lab results; labs could include some helpful metrics such as Total T3, Total T4, TSH and Reverse T3 lab values, as well as 25-hydroxy vitamin D, prolactin, and 24-hour urinary cortisol values.
  • List your age, weight, issues that you’d like consultation regarding, and any medications that you’re currently taking or have taken. Include supplements or prior substances that you’ve used, and note whether they’ve helped with your condition.
Note: For those who used the contact form in March, there was an issue with the mail provider. The issue should be fixed now. We apologize for any lost communication in the process.