College as Higher Aggression

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The Dichotomy Between Aggression and Immersion in Society

Society is a delicate balance between aggression and immersion, and while libertarians argue that the use of force is a reality, more subtle forms of aggression are pervasive and permeating forces that restrict the ability of others to prosper. The licensing and patent systems serve as examples of sub-tier aggression that does not cause harm in the same way as theft or murder but destroys opportunities and restricts the ability of individuals to act.

Professional workers themselves exist as immoral entities because they violate worker’s freedom. White-collar professions, such as lawyers, doctors, and academics, have some of the most insidious actions due to the neglect of their wrongdoing.

When academics become professors, they are perceived as individuals who have climbed the rungs of society, but they have often bulldozed through a series of artificial obstacles to prove themselves as top-tier. However, the inconsequentiality of these obstacles is not recognized, and they often come at the expense of students.

In particular, public school teachers dominate the youths as superiors and indulge from the excesses of societies. The teacher’s union has created an excess, which they themselves use, so they steal, consume, and then perpetuate their own theft and consumption for future guarantees.

The desire for the “common good” exists as an inevitable part of society, but teachers commit immoral acts by corroding, forcing, and restricting the desires of their students while indulging their own narcissism.

Even without impressive accomplishments, the actual workers in society, such as tradesmen, retail clerks, bank tellers, garbagemen, statisticians, and educators for private institutions, have a far greater potential for a positive effect on society.

The world without teachers would integrate online educational platforms and on-the-job training programs, and some accreditation could involve some form of accreditation, but the recent neglect of GPAs in hiring programs exemplified the irrelevance of higher education.

Western culture resembles the Soviet Union, a robust state that deteriorates slowly, and the continuation of the zeitgeist will result in “free college,” “free healthcare,” and other “free” programs with corporate interests represented fully. Any publicization of entities will result in the combination of state and corporate power.

Accelerationism, or the theory that hastened social decline, particularly finance capitalism or the manipulation of the public consciousness through media oligopoly and control of state institutions with vested interests in robbing from the public coffers, will remain. The final solution for amending these ills is the realization that greatness and beauty can permeate all facets of existence.

The pragmatism and continuation of force prevent the realization of a paradise, so a “heaven” could be thought of as an ideal that is unrealistic and unattainable. As long as one exists who provokes violence, paradise cannot ensue. When almost all commit aggression, value money, destroy brotherhood, undermine truth, and splinter loyalty, evil will persist. Therefore, force exists as inevitable, a means that’s not just one to an end but a recurring component of society.

Society must recognize that the dichotomy between aggression and immersion is delicate, and any imbalance could tip the scales and result in devastating consequences. It is essential to identify the insidious actions of individuals and groups that restrict opportunities and restrict the ability of others to prosper. Once identified, society must work towards eradicating these actions and cultivating an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and success for all individuals.






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