How to Make Coconut Oil Ice Cream

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The following recipe comes from a 2011 quote of Dr. Raymond Peat, PhD. The recipe was also uploaded on Whisk.

“I blend an egg (warmed to 40 degrees C) with a cup of sugar (also warmed) and a cup of coconut oil until it’s smoothly emulsified, and maybe half a cup of powdered milk for extra texture, then add milk to fill the blender (total volume a little over a liter), with strong coffee or orange juice for flavor, or other fruit or vanilla, etc. The high oil content, and powdered milk, make it freeze without crystallizing, so the ice cream machine isn’t necessary.”








2 responses to “How to Make Coconut Oil Ice Cream”

  1. H. H. Avatar
    H. H.

    Why wouldn’t you just use something like coconut milk or coconut cream? Coconut oil seems too oily.

    1. David Avatar

      That’s a good point. I think using coconut cream would be a great idea. I think the main issue would be any leeching of BPA from the cans, and I’m not sure if foreign-made products have the same dismantling of BPA used in production facilities. A lot of these canned coconut cream products would come from countries such as Thailand or the Philippines. Good thoughts, though, and I’ll explore the issue further and update the article.

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