On Supplements

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Supplementation should be thought of as an adjunct to a proper lifestyle. The base of health lies in a nutritious diet of caloric abundance, honest and loving relationships, and a sense of purpose and growth.
Childhood trauma and neglect, uninterrupted daily stress, and chronic uncertainty perturbs the psyche and leads to psychological maladaptations as coping strategies. Over time, these derail the integrity of the organism at an accelerated rate. Use of various therapies, whether nutritional, cognitive, behavioral, or pharmaceutical can permanently resolve such problems.
Supplements and pharmaceuticals will resolve a temporary problem, but only the safest therapies should be considered in the long-term. Many substances act as surrogates for hormones, and thus the hormones themselves should be used in physiological quantities whenever possible with emphasis on precursor steroids over downstream metabolites.
The therapeutic effects of vitamins, minerals, hormones, and pharmaceuticals often result from increased oxidative metabolism, whether locally or systemically. Any substance that increases cellular metabolism necessitates nutritional support, particularly adequate macronutrients, as with sufficient protein, carbohydrate, and saturated fats, or electrolytes, particularly magnesium, but also calcium, sodium, and potassium.






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