Last-Resort Tips for Tolerating a Sensitive Stomach

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The reason I’ve been avoiding coconut oil is that it just doesn’t agree with me, both unrefined and refined give me stomach pain and loose stools. The refined one is a bit better, but it still bothers me.
The cheese I’ve been eating is low fat 5% cheese, I end up with 15g of fat per day usually, all from the cheese. I mainly eat it for the protein, because even lactose free milk makes me really bloated, cottage cheese and greek yogurt are lower in fat, but they have lactose and even the small amount in them bloats me and give me gut discomfort. The last option is low fat lactose free quark, which has additives; monosodium citrate and pectin.
So for the time being, 5% cheese and quark are my options, with cheese I end up with 15g fat and with quark it’s around 2g. Should I go with the quark? I’ve been eating low fat, because I felt too much fat slows down my already slow transit time even more, but would 2g be too low?
I’ll start eating carrot salad with vinegar and salt, hopefully it’s still worth it even without co. I’ll look into the Buteyko method.


Some have allergic reactions to unrefined coconut oil but tolerate the refined variety. In many cases, the gut tolerates coconut oil increasingly well over time, but MCT oil can still cause digestive upset. Beginning with less than a teaspoon daily, one may increase the amount incrementally.

Cyproheptadine, a general serotonin antagonist, and has been used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The amino acid L-lysine also opposes the actions of serotonin and may have a similar effect.


Alright, I will drop the cheese and go for lactose free nonfat milk and refined coconut oil instead, I tried the quark today and I feel the same as I do with lac free milk. Thinking of trying double protein lactose free nonfat milk so I can get more protein with less liquid. It’s made by a some kind of filtering technique.
I’d like to replace the jam with something, but there just aren’t anything left to try, starches are out, fruits are extremely poor quality and unripe so they are out, juices are the same and most give me diarrhea. The blackcurrant juice I’ve been drinking started to feel really irritating so it’s out too. Honey gives me diarrhea. White sugar is like starches, doesn’t digest and I feel horrible. The jam has white sugar too, but for some reason it digests better than most foods.
I’m not trying to deplete pufa, I’m pretty lean, bf 9-10% maybe, so I don’t think I’ve a problem with stored pufa unless I’ve lots of visceral fat. I’ve also been eating lowish fat for a year or so, not as low as now though. I’ll start with a tsp of co and increase by one everyday.
My pulse is around 85-90 usually which feels like a racing heart, adrenaline? I do not have sweaty palms though. Sometimes after eating pulse is over 100. Temps are usually around 36.5-36.7C after waking up and a bit higher in the afternoon, but they do drop after eating making me feel cold for a while. My TSH was 1.35 on my latest blood work, my doctor was sure I don’t have hypothyroidism, but I still wanted to try thyroid, but I couldn’t keep taking it for long even though I started slowly, it’s just like caffeine, anxiety, jitters, unable to sleep etc. I haven’t measured blood pressure.
I haven’t tried cyproheptadine, because I’d need a prescription for it. I’ll try to find good quality L-lysine, thanks for the tip.

Ray Peat Forum Member Rrr, April 14, 2016

Consult with your physician about getting a prescription for cyproheptadine.

Cottage cheese may be beneficial. With too few calories, the adrenal glands may secrete adrenaline. At one time, I ate 6000 calories each day.

Some find that meditative breathing can aid digestive processes, as with the Buteyko method. Sodium, as found in table salt, can temporarily suppress some aspects of the stress response and improve digestion.

Dave Foster, April 14, 2016

There’s only one lactose free brand of cottage cheese in stores here and it tastes awful, never again. I’ve been averaging 2000-2500kcal and even this is difficult without an appetite, but I’ll try eating more, with coconut oil it shouldn’t bee too difficult to add calories.







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