Supraphysiological Testosterone Levels

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Falk, Benjamin J. (1853-1925) - Eugen Sandow (1867-1925)
Benjamin J. Falk (1853-1925), Falk, Benjamin J. (1853-1925) – Eugen Sandow (1867-1925), marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Supplements to Increase T
Q:  “Can you expand on exactly what you were doing to get over 1500 ng/dl Testosterone?
I see where you talk about the protein mix you are on, BCAA’s, zinc, B6, vitamin E, but what exactly was your diet/other supplementation like in the weeks leading up to this high T measurement?”
A (by Georgi Dinkov):  Raising the T as high as possible was just an experiment I did for a month.  The diet was my normal high-protein, high-sugar diet, and also I noticed that a lot of the foods I eat had quite a bit of cholesterol so that certainly helped with providing the raw materials.
The supplements were: 15g of taurine a day in divided doses; 6g-7g of aspirin in divided doses; 2,500mg of mixed tocopherols; 45mg of vitamin K2 (menatetrenone); 30mg of zinc; 10mg of B6; 1,500mg of thiamine; BCAA (don’t remember exact dosage); tyrosine (1,500mg with each BCAA dosage); caffeine (200-400mg), niacinamide (sometimes up to 8g a day).
Obviously this is not a healthy schedule, and I am emphasizing again that it was done purely as an experiment.  I don’t want this forum to be flooded by bodybuilders and other athletes obsessed with “raising T”. If you read Peat carefully you will see that he is not a very big fan of testosterone. In fact, he thinks it has been implicated in diseases such as ALS.
DHEA Increases T
Q:  “I’ll definitely give DHEA a shot [to raise testosterone levels], although I am not sure of its effectiveness in an 18-year old.  I’ve been reading your testosterone experiment where you got your [testosterone] ng/dl up to 1500, which is absolutely supraphysiological by most standards.
A (by Georgi Dinkov): “The testosterone experiment was done just as a test to see if low serotonin and prolactin do indeed increase testosterone.  It is probably not something you want to strive to keep for extended period of time.  Keep in mind that if testosterone stays at 1,000+ for extended periods of time it will start to aromatize and estrogen will increase a lot unless something is done to keep estrogen low as well.  This gets you in the bodybuilder problems of PCT and estrogen lowering techniques that I think are neither healthy nor sustainable in the long run.
DHEA should raise libido even in an 18 old, without causing hormonal axis shutdown due to elevated serum levels.”







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