Food Dogma

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Fruitarians have a regressive view of evolution.
Carnivores have poor digestion.
Raw carnivores have dedication and poor digestion.
Vegans suffer from chronic protein deficiency and prescribe authoritarian dogma.
Raw veganism highlights the pragmatic insufficiency of veganism.
Pescetarians have realized the failure of veganism.
Pollotarians enjoy the taste of meat.
“Flexitarians” have less commitment than vegans to the benefit of their health.
Vegetarians haven’t completely foregone their internal guidance.
Lacto-ovo vegetarians have empiricism on their side.
Paleotarians, like fruitarians believe in evolutionary gradualism, but whereas fruitarians prioritize human genetic ancestry (as apes), Paleotarians have faith in evolution as the god of optimization.
Starchivores: Paleotarians who believe that saturated fat causes heart disease.
Peatarians reduce foods to their effects.  Muscle meat interferes with thyroid function; starch promotes endotoxin; raw vegetables have thyro-suppressive goitrogens; and vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts and seeds deliver large amounts of the toxic polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that accumulate with aging.
We will all die, but health allows us to die the most slowly, and in such a timeless state that we may find happiness.






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